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Giving Up All My Yesterdays For All My Tomorrows

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Winter Party [Jan. 12th, 2010|11:42 am]
Giving Up All My Yesterdays For All My Tomorrows
There will be a winter party. Last year, if you remember, we had bad movie night which was a great time. The exact date of the party is still a bit murky it will be dependent on when we get our boxer puppy but the puppy will be present for the festivities.

I do want to give some advance warning on the theme though because it can take some planning. It will be a mashup between apples to apples (I think we've all played that) and youtube.

We'll have a set number of judges who will be assigned random apples to apples cards (the adjective cards) and I'll send out an email before time so you can prepare. Then we can select youtube videos instead of the red cards. So if Amanda got the ("Yummy") card we'd all look for youtube videos that would seem the most "yummy" to amanda.

I'm not dead set on the food yet but we're thinking "soups".

I'm thinking that this will happen sometime in early march. I know it's a bit late but hopefully the puppy will be doing well by then.

Finally, we will have a total of five sleeping spots (two on a futon, one on a twin bed and two more on two couches) in case anyone from out of state doesn't want to drive back or we get snowed in.