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Hardcore McFancypants

Member of the Get Fancy Crew

Giving Up All My Yesterdays For All My Tomorrows
I was raised on a steady diet of unrealistic expectations, guilt and insults. Understand that and it’s pretty easy to understand who I am today.
During my entire life I’ve never been able to get my body to do exactly what I want it to do whether it be baseball, football, drawing, painting, hand writing or anything that requires delicate or exacting movements. I’ve never been able to use language to say what I want to say either. Beautiful ideas in my head invariably come out of my mouth stuttered, incomplete and robbed of power.
I’ve got other, less direct ways of explaining. I wrote for a while but the endless hours of being trapped alone and away with a pad and pen started taking their toll. I write computer programs, an art form to me as true as any but it’s a form of art that I can’t really share.
I’ve got photography to explain the only truth I know, the truth of who I am. Sound cannot travel in a vacuum, it needs a medium. Like sound traveling through the air I hold the truth of me in my hands when I take a photograph, it moves through electrons, computers, wires and it finds it’s way to you. The sound of a word is no more real when it leaves a mouth then when it finds an ear.
Explaining my photographs to me people use words like beautiful but lonely, stark, then full of story. In the deepest and darkest part of who I am lies that truth, an inwardly resonant loneliness, instinctive and enduring.